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These (4) Culprtis can damage the skin causing or exacerbating the issues below:

  1. OVERWASHING-skin too aggressively or too often and using cleansers that are overly harsh or drying or have a pH that is too alkaline can disrupt the skin barrier.

  2. CERTAIN INGREDIENTS-Overuse of potentially irritating active ingredients such as retinoids and exfoliating acids, as well as harsh physical exfoliators like grainy scrubs, can lead to problems. Other common culprits are some natural or synthetic fragrances as well as drying alcohols, especially on sensitive skin.

  3. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS-This includes everything from low humidity to high wind, cold climates and sunburn. you need to be aware of the change in climates when you are traveling so you can see what you need to change in your skin care.

  4. STRESS-Overproduction of stress hormones can decrease skin's natural lipids, disrupt the structural proteins and increase moisture loss!!!!!

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